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Whole House Insulation in Novi

Family owned and operated, with over 30 years in the industry, at T & T Builders LLC we know our insulation. Whether it’s retrofitting of existing homes, or new construction we take the utmost care and pay attention to air sealing and insulation.

We pride ourselves on our honesty, informing clients of what we can do to help them save energy and enjoy the comfort of their home. Our whole house approach works to safely heat a home rather than just selling you insulation to make profit.

You can rely on T & T Builders LLC to make a difference in your comfort and your heating costs.


With energy costs on the rise, homeowners are more aware than ever of the need for insulation. By retrofitting your home with insulation and sealing air leaks, you can save 10% of your energy bill!

No matter what your needs or the age of your home, there are many options for insulation installation. At T&T, we pride ourselves on our continued training in air sealing and methods used to seal homes properly and effectively.

  • Spray foam insulation - Spray foam insulation is an increasingly popular type of insulation, with good reason. It can be added without removing drywall, making it ideal for retrofitting. Don’t let its soft fluffy appearance deceive you—it has a high resistance to heat (or R value). It expands to fill all crevices, making it impossible for hot air to escape or cold air to penetrate!
  • Batt or roll insulation - Classic insulation, made of fiberglass, cotton or wool. Batts can be placed between studs during wall construction, but can also be placed between ceiling joists, over them, or on top of any existing loose fill insulation.

New Installation

At T & T Builders LLC we like to give our Novi clients the best service possible, and so we practice continued training to learn all the newest information and do our job as well as possible. We understand how a whole house system works. We don’t blow and go, we air seal, then insulate—leaving your home prepared for all seasons.

Spray foam insulation as well as batt and roll are both popular for new installations, but there are many more options as well including:

  • Concrete block insulation
  • Foam board
  • Loose-fill
  • Rigid fiber insulation
  • Structural insulated panels (SIPs)

In terms of material pricing, if your budget is smaller, you’ll want to choose fiberglass or polystyrene insulation. But if you want something a little better, look at mineral wool, cellulose or polyurethane foam.

Certified Dedication

Our family is dedicated to our craft.

The United Stated Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Lead, Repair and Painting Rule certifies renovators who are trained by EPA-approved training providers and follow lead-safe work practices. We are proud to be one of these companies!

We are also CRT certified residential thermographers, able to use infrared imaging science in our work.

Constantly learning and growing in our industry, that is what T & T Builders LLC brings to our Novi clients. Call us today to get your home insulated and save on energy costs!